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Guys, please tell me I'm not the only one watching anime this season. I'm watching Mob Psycho 100 II, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai, Gotoubun no Hanayome, Domestic na Kanojo, Doukyonin wa Hiza, Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, Ueno-san wa Bukiyou and Endro.


I'm a pseudo norm now so i'm only watching Shield Hero, Mob Pyscho and Kaguya-sama.


Better than nothing. Anyway, Mob and Kaguya-sama are good options, anything else is just crap.


I'm watching Kemono Freinds, Kemurikusa, Endro, Kouya no Kotobuki, Tate no Yusha, Mahou Shoujo Asuka and the slime anime.

There are a few other shows I intent to watch as well.


Watching all these but also Boogiepop, Dororo, and Kakegurui. Thought more people would be watching Boogiepop though, is there something I missed?


First season was aired late 90s or something, it's been almost 20 years, also it was just okay, nothing great.


By the way, I don't even know if this is a sequel or a reboot, you tell me.


Well the first adaptation wasn't really much of an adaptation of the LN as it was it's own story contained within the universe of the LN, more meant for people that had already read it. IIRC it had content/references in it to novels much later in the series than this season will probably cover. The current season's just a straight adaptation of the LN, so it's not really either but if you were to try and place Phantom in the timeline somewhere I think it would take place somewhere in the middle of this since it has the manticore from the first arc in it.


I started Domestic na Kanojo but I lost focus a few episodes in


Me too, I stopped watching the show right after the story on how the teacher fell in love with the guy cheating on her wife.


Read the manga, it's nice.


I will. It looks a bit more mature than the anime.


I haven't watched the anime, but the manga is pretty long and it has a good character development. It's kinda realistic in a way though. Also, the author is a female.


It's censored for example when Rui was sick and MC had to insert a suppository up her butthole, in the anime the screen goes dark while in the manga you can see the explicit scene, maybe the bluray release will be uncensored.


That's pretty gross though, I wouldn't want to see that.


Just to give you an example though, imagine the sex scenes and such.


File: 1552588932909.jpeg (280.06 KB, 1500x1488, image.jpeg) Google

Just watching wataten, endro, and big boobie quintuplets


You have great taste in anime.


File: 1552589426176.jpeg (216.21 KB, 640x907, image.jpeg) Google



File: 1552589611223.jpg (103.38 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dororo - 08….jpg) Google

>Mob Psycho 100
>Domestic na Kanojo
>Doukyonin wa Hiza
>Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!



Ok, let's hear from the anime master. What shows are you watching, dork?


File: 1552589733545.png (125.34 KB, 500x566, 1551978169993.png) Google

shield hero is so bad, it might be worse than soa. I liked two episodes and got tricked into watching 9 episodes of garbage


File: 1552590166632.png (165.36 KB, 488x397, 1551722453382.png) Google

Not those.

It's isekai trash; you're supposed to turn off your brain when you watch it.


Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari and Kakegurui××? Just tell us…


File: 1552590628133.jpg (235.64 KB, 960x732, 1545259628475.jpg) Google

No. I'm watching some stuff ironically so I don't want people thinking that I think it's good just because I'm watching it.


File: 1552590773076.jpg (88.08 KB, 1280x720, ReLIFE-13.jpg) Google

Lol this nerd.


File: 1552591052730.jpg (94.74 KB, 818x720, [HorribleSubs] ReLIFE - 14….jpg) Google

Nice filename idiot.


File: 1552591331898.jpg (98.58 KB, 743x635, fgsfds.jpg) Google

What kind of nerd reads other users' filenames?


File: 1552592767702.png (867.51 KB, 752x1062, 7af8a1e61ff4467846c2ecb795….png) Google

So, who's your pick?


File: 1552592999130.jpg (145.59 KB, 1280x720, miku.jpg) Google

T-shirt has a thing for autistic girls, I bet all my NEETbucks that Miku is the chosen one.


Do you really need to ask? It's obvious.


File: 1552593234205.png (8.74 MB, 3310x5072, d29dcbed72bb5982b016088a55….png) Google

It is, but I just wanted to be sure he didn't make some stupid choice like Nino.


You actually think boring autism girl is the top choice?

The only positive is that she likes older balding men.


>The only positive is that she likes older balding men.
Stop projecting your cuckold fetish, freakzoid.


but he's an old balding guy which means she would like HIM


She's a history buff, doesn't mean she's into balding men. Unlike all the other girls she hasn't been a cunt to Futaro at any point either, and has slept with him and held his hand, even called herself his girlfriend.

Also I take back my comments on Nino, thinking back to more recent episodes she's not THAT bad.


what anime is this


uh its in the op


which one is it


forget it i found out


Miku's the best but Nino is great partly due to her seiyuu.


yeah, I love kirinos voice and for me she will be kirino forever


This show has great voice actors, wonder how they did it.


I'm only watching Mob Psycho and Wataten.
Dropped Dororo and Yakusoko no Neverland.


Probably paid them.


File: 1552617650964.jpg (131.04 KB, 1280x720, [Nii-sama] Manaria Friends….jpg) Google

Manaria friends is a bahamut spinoff and pretty good, also only 15 minute episodes. Only real downside is that it's really slow paced and if that's not your thing you're probably going to hate it


File: 1552624548580.jpg (325.67 KB, 1440x810, [GJM] Manaria Friends - 02….jpg) Google

oh yeah I'm watching that too


Endro is good.


should I watch it or not what do you guys think


I don't watch anime


If you like the screenshots just give it a try and decide for yourself if it's good


Story is pretty much absent (I've only watched a few eps though). Character designs are great, voice acting is great, the yuri is cute. The ED music is also very relaxing. It's worth the 15 minutes IMO.


File: 1552670939044.png (1.77 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Manaria Fri….png) Google

I'm caught up with it, any overarching plot is completely absent the whole way through.


Manaria Friends looks so weird, do you like it?

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