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Can't follow Index III at all, but at least little misaka is still alive and cute. I just want more episodes like the hot springs one, but I guess I'll need to wait until Railgun for that, seeing how things are going.


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Seriously though, what the hell is supposed to be going on in this show?


will we get another railgun though


Yeah dude, it was confirmed months ago


holy SHIT i love misaka so much


We're also getting an adaptation of the accelerator show, which is a testament to why you shouldn't let a serialized manga have no editor.
Its a monthly manga that takes like 3 years to do 1 arc.


Guess that's a good reason to watch the anime instead of reading the manga. I'm sure it'll be fit into one season at least


inccelerator is just an annoying edgelord


Just like me


I dropped it after episode 14, biggest cashgrab ever.


it was fine until railgun S, now they're just milking it for money.


Also the source is way too old, everyone knows how the LN ended already.


I don't read LNs because they're shit so don't spoil me.


I won't, anyway, it's not relevant anymore, what's the point?


It ended? I thought it was still going, or did it start a second series under a new name?


It ended in 2010. It has a sequel called New Testament, some people say is better than the original but a lot less popular.


File: 1552680473228.jpg (690.71 KB, 1800x2572, NT_vol_16.jpg) Google

NT isnt even really a sequel, it's basically just straight more volumes, nothing really changes except touma is missing for the first volume after ww3

yeah though this shit is a really bad adaptation, and I recommend reading the books


also https://drive google com/drive/folders/0Bz8p5terd6THMGRkWE5mMi13dTg if you want it in english
nyaa if you want it in jap


light novels are fucking shit mein dude


>NT isnt even really a sequel, it's basically just straight more volumes
Even worse, a total cashgrab.


LNs definitely fall into a certain genre and tropes, but as someone who reads a lot of novels, it's really hard to knock them, and they can be as good and bad as most other books, also they're really short and dialogue focused for a lot of them, even streams of consciousness often feel like someone is talking to you than a true writer describing the world and surroundings (although this is often fitting as most LNs are in first person), but there are quite a few LNs I have a hard time not defending
Like im not sure if any of them are as great as peter hamilton or anything, but theres some pretty good shit in there

now if you want a genre that really is too generic and constantly falls into way too much shit, get into american/yuro fantatrash novels


recommend me the hard to not defend ones


zero no maria (well at least the first few volumes, the death game one happens and it all goes to shit)
hikaru ga chikyuu ni itakoro
black summoner (this one tries way too hard to sell itself with sex than it needs to, but so does grimgar and everything else that comes out of overlap)
the city
kusuriya no hitorigoto (this is getting popular through the manga adaptation though so now I have to stop liking it)
light novel author strangled by my voice actress classmate
most books published by sonorama and f-clan (which are now defunct)

there's also a lot of series in general that will have good volumes mixed in with trash
I dont read a lot of them though as I read english way faster than jap and mostly stick to that
yeah though, a lot of the time too I feel fine coming out of a shitty LN because they're practically 60-100 page reads for most of em when you cut out all the spacing and giant text
it's not like reading a tad williams book


where does Saten disappear to when index is going on


the academy city glory hole


kill yourself


What's going on with this new Index? Why is everyone dying? It's pretty violent compared to any other raildex, and I can't understand shit, but it's at least entertaining.

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