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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.
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File: 1552696497151.gif (2.24 MB, 328x338, 1550260005887.gif) Google


make a post deleted on gnfos video Ron Paul


Rotoscoping is better than CGI or traditional animation



The lack of frames make it look jerking as fuck unless you have poor eye sight.


File: 1552710085128.jpg (320.62 KB, 1189x868, tumblr_o3tzz5iGVC1vncwszo1….jpg) Google

im broken


this was in my recs, how does the algorithm know



if nothing else tshit has a decent musical palette


old video, make a new one T-min


He has good taste for music, I wish he would share his music folder with us…


never knew there was a >>>/g/ and >>>/e/ here once upon a time. I forgot about >>>/test/


QA zoomer


how ironic…


onseki can you make nice positivity threads like this again i know its hard but i could use them


That was my post he deleted. Those were the days.


google can easily track your online activity install freetube or newpipe


what happened to your video


it's still up


oh unlisted that's why i could never find it


Why this in my recs I don't even know this anime


why can't all animation look this good?


wow newpipe is really cool. what are other essential apps you use?


Newpipe is shit, just use the magisk youtube app vinced or something


does it really matter if google knows what you watch on a site they own?
at the least, they still see your ip accessing the file despite not taking the whole page


How does it track you through gifs? I thought their search was shit for finding anime related stuff

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