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they all laughed at him, poor guy


Short people just need to play to their strengths and not be aggressive.


everyone on twitter is laughing at him. imagine living his life, poor guy


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When will they learn?


They'll forget he even exists in a few hours


What if in the mob there was a hot chick who was like omgg you're so hot let's go on a date


hes viral


big ego small body


They cut out the part where they mocked him


Yeah makes me sick how everyone is laughing at him and calling him a loser on normie media


You try living as a 5 foot tall man for 40+ years in this day and age. This man has experienced a Hell few people can fathom. When he was young it probably sucked but it wasn't the suicide fuel it is now in today's world of demanding all men be perfect lest they have no value whatsoever. It is no surprise that he happened to crack and of course the normals (mainly women) will sit around and guffaw to himselves and say "see! He's alone because of his aggression!"

I hope he comes back with a gun.


Manlets lmao.


hope non of you boys is actually that small


It'a his fault really. He could have been a cool dwarf like Tyrion Lannister but he chose to be a salty angry goblin instead. It's just sad and pathetic.


He chose to take part in a shallow lifestyle that base's it's members worth on attractiveness. Feminism was right.


On Twitter they're calling him dangerous and saying he should be raided by police


Women say anyone that isn't an estrogen bleeding white knight should be shackled by the legs and thrown into the sea


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>The vertically challenged patron then shouted: 'Everywhere I go I get the same fucking smirk with the biting lip.'

The entire world is laughing at this guy. The bagel shop also said anyone who mentions the video when they come into the shop gets a free mini bagel


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