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"Have sex"
Be me 31
40k€ assets
living at home
So i just met a fat ugly ass total awkward bitch "roastie" on the internet , we never met before (I wish i had). And i say fuck it i just wanna lose this virgin stuff
So we meet in a hilbilly village in the middle of nowhere.
She hops in my car , we immediateley start kissing (probably a mistake from my side )
She wants to suck my cock , i let her.
She is basically so good at sucking i come deep down her throat and she swallows all.
Expects second round of me (oh boyyy ) i waped my dick clean and round with my shirt and my willy is half way erect i barely fit the condom.
Start penetrating her , and after 5 minutes of fucking i "pretend" that i come pulling out and thank god it was dark hours outside i did put the condom somewhere else in a bag so she doesnt see nothing of a cum LOL. jesus christ i think i just barely penetrated her but at least im not a virgin anymore.
How i feel about what happened:
after i did drive away 5 kilometers i stopped and did put a ton load of disinfectant liquid in my face with water and my hands jesus christ.
My feelings at that moment:
I feel like a Npc
Feeling Dirty
Feeling empty
Feel like i just got raped
kinda worried that i somehow made her preggo
I cant describe this feeling faggots it feels like watching animals having sex and oh yeah sex is the most overrated shit EVER , its not the same as in porn vids. Forget about that totally. All in all i can say that i dont know what the fuck just happened. Should i block her? Or leave her on my phone as backup roastie .
To all these "have sex" posts , i'd rather put that energy while cumming in her mouth in learning dota
Sex is overrated af, dont worry if youre a virgin with 24+y/o . ITs totally boring.


ban LOL


it's not, this guy just had a bad experience. people who have great sex know it's literally the best human experience

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