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My brother is 28 and still lives at home. He takes out loans and pawns my family's jewelry behind our back, and my dad has forgiven him every time.
At 21 he began juicing hard, not for any other reason than being a coping mechanism because he's a manlet.
Within three years he could bench 300 and was huge, but creatine overconsumption got to him, and he began assaulting me and my parents.
We kicked him out, he mooched off my own grandparents, but not even they knew what to do with him.
He went to go mooch off not one, but THREE girlfriends, all of which broke up with him in increasingly worse ways.
Now I weigh more than him (I'm 5'6" 140) and he's got a fucking gut, takes adderall, and is a fucking sociopath.
On father's day, we went to lunch with my grandparents after all this shit passed by, and his response leaving the house was to shout "fuck this!!!" and flip my folks off, doing this evil laugh like an edgy middle schooler.
He hasn't spoken to me in three weeks despite me also being here, but yesterday projected his own shitty life onto me and I cussed him out, prompting shit to hit the fan.
Today he was snooping in my folks' office so I called him out and he backpedaled like the queer he is.
I love him, but he won't change.


problem with modern families is no one knows how to communicate.

only resolution is to put up until you force them out


It doesn't take 3 years of steroid use to reach a 300lb bench


post pic of your bro


It's copypasta moron


i still want pics

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