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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Why do all these rich fucks want to fuck kids so badly?


Because it's forbidden.


I say lets these motherfuckers enjoy children however they want, they deserve it and as you get older you realize how precious youth really is.

i think if i was rich and old i would do the same things


This is why rich people must be abolished and all their wealth redistributed save for whatever is necessary for their livelihood. They think that just because they're rich and powerful they can get away with anything.


It's fake you pedo retard


Nice virtue signalling, tumblr.


There have always been powerful men fucking little girls and there always will be even in your communist post-scarcity delusions.


Tumblr is like a decade ago you old Boomer


Tumblr is like a decade ago you old Boomer


File: 1565686788394.jpg (86.98 KB, 479x640, psDXYvImymSGauVbNZSvXkMFuT….jpg) Google

This is how you sound like.


What the fuck do you know about any social system, let alone that of a dead culture from 500+ years ago?


Dude I have fucking roaches stop talking about some empire pedo shit you can't control


I'll entertain your stupidity I guess. Epstein was able to diddle those kids because they were from poor households and promised them a monetary compensation. He also owned his own island where he could do whatever he wanted. Suffice to say that if the kids didn't need money and Epstein didn't have his own pedo island he wouldn't have got away with what he did.


They were like 15-16 years old who gives a shit.
60 years ago no one would bat an eye, 100 years ago people would think it's weird if you didn't prefer teengirls, and 200+ years ago it was expected that you get your virgin teen gf once you were old enough to support a family.


Pretty much. My mom gave birth to my sister a month after she hit 18


It's 2019 and pedophilia is no longer acceptable. Get with the times you creepy fuck.


every day there's some faggot raging about pedos pedo this pedo that pedo pedo pedo shut the fuck up already


im ped


t. pedo


stay mad retard


I hope Ron Paul wakes up soon and does something about the himapedo menace.


everyone is mad


File: 1565697012273.jpeg (66.58 KB, 540x526, D4A5F11F-36A1-412C-B0A1-B….jpeg) Google

Fuck off



If a woman did this to a boy it would be hot


File: 1565697638380.jpeg (117.27 KB, 960x948, 404B32D4-626A-435C-A957-D….jpeg) Google

Imagine if it was a 15 year old boy with adult women


>14 year old girls
men in scientific studies literally find 13-14 year old girls most attractive (facially especially!)


No they don't


13-14 year old girls have acne and smell like cheap hair spray


File: 1565735742439.jpg (44.58 KB, 625x773, 1561653058301.jpg) Google


Neither are


The fuck did you just iimasu about watashi???


both are


Bullshit. Some australian woman was jailed last week because she admitted to raping some teens.


like you wouldn't have pounced on that opportunity fucking incel

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