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The NEET shall inherit the Earth.

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Pissuteens are literally pissing themselves rn


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i'm literally shaking right now


This is the problem right now with discussing this anywhere. People are being wildly disingenuous. I was talking about PA, you showed me Arizona and with one of the lawsuits that's paraded around here as a 2-32 record which isn't actually part of the Trump campaign. It's not even all you, in the video it just says "Trump Lawyer".

It's an intentional war of information to distract, deflect and muddy out what the actual point is.


My man, if you fill out a case for the Trump campaign you are associated with the Trump campaign.
We can argue semantics all day, but this is as you say, a diversion from the truth and the meat of an argument.
You posted a screenshot of Rudy Giuliani saying that they want an appointment to talk with the SCOTUS then suggested for some reason there are people here that are scared of a cigar salesman.

The only thing that I am scared about is the subversion of democracy and the rise of authoritarian politics in the democracies that have given us everything great about the 20th century.

I suggest you stop being a fucking cuck michigan.


The truth is Trumps lawyer could have gone on cucker with sworn affidavits from soros himself the other night naming who he bribed to steal the election and most dems would care. Evidence is all around that something was seriously messed up with the election but many don't want to hear it and many others don't care because orange hitler bad. Thats another reason why SCOTUS is the goal the actual legal team and fucking around with the msm isn't worth it even on the rare occasion they can get some fair coverage.


You mean Tucker right? The guy who asked a conspiracy theorist if they can back up their claims then had the internet hit squad try to character assassinate him.


The evidence is not all around as well. Look at all the cases being tossed out by neutral judges. No one wants to certify their claims under penalty of purgry.

You could have at least watched a few analysis of the court cases that are being heard before jumping on the bandwagon


People acting like this is a surprise or some big victory are either clueless or flat out shills. This will be decided by SCOTUS, not some backwoods county judge. It's got to work it's way up there.


personally i wonder if they didn't hire slimy Rudy as a deliberate ploy to lull the Dems (and the dem-supporting part of the population) into a false sense of victory

this first occurred to me when i was watching that press conference at the 4 seasons…landscaping. it seemed so weird and unprofessional that i couldn't wrap my mind around it at first, until i realized it's all a setup. this was planned from the start.

Coomer is another clue. Were they really memeing that for months before the election because they had already identified him as the weakest link in the DNC effort to throw the election?

If Trump ends up pulling this off, it's going to completely break the minds of the 50% of America that hates him. If he reveals that China has been intentionally subverting our country and has paid off our politicians, poisoned our youth, and started Corona intentionally- if the rampant pedophilia and blood libel engaged in by our most powerful and visible politicians is revealed- people are going to be wailing and rending their garments, vomiting in the streets.

If it's actually happening the way I suspect it is…this is going to be a crazy few months. Was it really all part of the plan?



China/Russia has gained in power significantly over his term


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I love this man


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he's not bringing them home though… he's just moving them around to places that aren't home again
and he fell for it


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It's really weird how so many yuros latch onto Trump so strongly when most their governments have unironic nazi parties and plenty of similar strong crude east yuro politicians that do all the things Trump says he wants to do


or VPNs, but judging how swfchan admin(a Swede) tanked his reputation to shill Trump's narrative it probably is genuine

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